Principle and Values

Respect for Human, Community and Environment

We are aware of the importance of our work in terms of human health and environment. With this awareness, we do not neglect our business within the framework of the relevant legislation and systems we have defined. We believe in the importance of working environment and education in success, and support all kinds of initiatives and developments in these areas.

Honesty, Imparibility, Transparency

We adopt a transparent, clean and honest management approach such as access to the necessary information and documents, participation in management, auditing and asking for accountability from the wrong parties and we carry out our works with this understanding.

Customer Orientation

In line with customer expectations, we try to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by evaluating every process that will affect service quality separately and making continuous improvements. We add value to our customers with high quality service.


We believe the contribution of change to our corporate development and in this direction, we follow the innovations in the world and the sector, especially technological innovations, and use them in our business.


We consider all kinds of suggestions, complaints and notifications conveyed by related parties as an opportunity to contribute to our corporate development. Instead of complaining, we produce solutions and contribute to development.


We believe in the contribution of personal and corporate development to leaders who share information for the purposes of the organization and influence and drive other employees in a positive way. We encourage leadership at all levels and provide opportunities for employees to develop their leadership capacity.


We are responsible for the future and use our resources with this responsibility awareness. We contribute to the development by taking into account the economic, social and ecological balance taking into account the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.